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__NOTOC__<h1 style="margin-top: 0 !important;">Main Page=</h1>Welcome to the new ComputerCraft wiki! This wiki is still heavily under construction, and any help is appreciated. You can request an account [[Special:RequestAccount|here]]. Make sure to follow the [[Contributing guidelines]] when editing. If you want to mark a page as your own to edit it later (to avoid other people creating the same page as you), feel free to pre-create the page with the contents: <code><nowiki>{{Incomplete|reason=this page is being written by [[User:Yemmel]]}}</nowiki></code> You can view pages marked as such in the category [[:Category:Articles to be expanded]].
== Todo ==
* Document all APIs (use your own judgement to prioritise the more important APIs)<center><span style="font-size:** 200%">[[httpsSpecial:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}]] pages</span><br /><span style="font-CC/CC-Tweaked/blob/master/src/main/resources/assets/computercraft/lua/rom/apis/colours.lua colours]** size: 125%">[[ disk]** [httpsCategory:// help]** [httpsArticles to be expanded|{{PAGESINCATEGORY:// helpArticles to be expanded}}]** [ io]** [https://github.compages marked as incomplete</SquidDev-CC/CC-Tweaked/blob/master/src/main/resources/assets/computercraft/lua/rom/apis/keys.lua keys]span>** [https:<// paintutils]center>** [ parallel]** [https{{Progress bar|{{#invoke:// peripheral] [httpsLink counter|getExistingLinkCount|Template:// (java)]** [httpsFunctions}}|total={{#invoke:// rednet]** [httpsLink counter|getLinkCount|Template:// settings]** Functions}}|text=of [ term]** [httpsTemplate:// textutilsFunctions|functions]** [ vector]documented}}** [ window]** [https{{Progress bar|{{#invoke:// commands]** [httpsLink counter|getExistingLinkCount|Template:// turtle]** [httpsBlocks and Items}}|total={{#invoke:// buffer]** [httpsLink counter|getLinkCount|Template:// http]** Blocks and Items}}|text=of [ fs]** [httpsTemplate:// osBlocks and Items|blocks and items]** [ redstone]documented}}
*Document types ([[String|string]], [[Number|number]] etc)
*Create all [[Special:WantedPages|Wanted Pages]] (pages that are referred to but do not exist yet)
*Document all APIs (use your own judgement to prioritise the more important APIs)
** List at [[Template:Functions]]
*Document the blocks and items in CC:Tweaked
*Write TemplateData + documentation for all our templates
** Little public-facing: [[Template:Code]], [[Template:Inline code]], [[Template:Var]], [[Template:Type]], [[Template:Argument]], [[Template:Argument reference]], [[Template:Optional argument]], [[Template:Varargs]], [[Template:API doc source link]]
** Big public-facing: [[Template:API doc function]], [[Template:API doc example]]
** Internal: [[Template:Infobox function]], [[Template:API doc header]], [[Template:API doc key]], [[Template:API doc value]], [[Template:API doc code]], [[Template:API doc description]]
* Create navboxes for blocks and items
{{Lua documentation}}
{{Blocks and Items}}
== API links ==
Here is a rough guide of where functions are defined in the source code:
* [ colours]
* [ disk]
* [ gps]
* [ help]
* [ io]
* [ keys]
* [ paintutils]
* [ parallel]
* [ peripheral] [ (java)]
* [ rednet]
* [ settings]
* [ term]
* [ textutils]
* [ vector]
* [ window]
* [ commands]
* [ turtle]
* [ http]
* [ fs]
* [ os]
* [ redstone]
* [ shell]
* [ term]
== All pages ==
Here is a list of pages that have already been created. Some may only be partially completed.

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