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Should we really be using the MC font?

Yemmel (talkcontribs)

Personally, I really dislike using this font on the wiki. If it were possible to execute properly, I would perhaps be more inclined to accept its usage, but it's literally impossible to get right in CSS.

Fonts will always land on subpixels, especially when you use rem/em/% values in a page. This leads to the font becoming blurry halfway through a sentence.

Additionally, you are limited to only being able to use font-sizes in multiples of 8 pixels. Anything else will also appear blurry.

Finally, it generally looks very out of place on the wiki surrounded by everything else. I don't think it's appropriate for anything except terminal renderers (which we don't have yet).

086 (talkcontribs)

i hate it

CrazedProgrammer (talkcontribs)

I think it looks good, but it would only work for the title because of the sub-pixel issues you talked about.

Yemmel (talkcontribs)

I agree with this; it's not too bad on the titles as I've tried to keep them at multiples of 8 pixels, and even where they do go blurry it's much less noticeable.

I think it's definitely inappropriate for Template:Var, and possibly for Template:API doc function too.

Demhydraz (talkcontribs)

i like it as long as we don't use it for body text

SquidDev (talkcontribs)

I think it looks really good on the function names and headers. However, if it's a pain to use, then it may be possible to just have a normal monospace font instead?

Demhydraz (talkcontribs)

with squid on this one

Demhydraz (talkcontribs)

as is tradition lmao

Yemmel (talkcontribs)

To showcase the blurriness to make it more clear what I am talking about:

Yemmel (talkcontribs)

Another thing I forgot to mention was page zooming - a bitmap font is only going to look nice at 100% page zoom on a standard-DPI monitor. This kills viewability on different page zooms, retina displays, and mobile.

HydroNitrogen (talkcontribs)

Using Google Chrome on Windows 7 on a borrowed computer, zooming doesn't really make a diffrence, the font is never rendered pixel-sharp like it is in Minecraft. I do like it in the functions template, but I'm personally a bit iffy about the use in titles... I'll roll with whatever you choose though ;)

3d6 (talkcontribs)

What if we made a new vector font? Would that solve some of the blurriness? The font could also have the correct monospacing, in theory, but we wouldn't want that for titles, just for code. We could also add support for the accented/teletext characters this way.

I had designed template:var to mimic the in-game appearance of text - if we want <var> to look different, that's fine, but we should move the current var template to something else, rather than overwrite it completely.

Does anyone dislike the titles for any reason other than their current blurriness? I wanted to make sure we had sans-serif titles because I think that they make function names look silly.

Yemmel (talkcontribs)

I don't think it would fix the blurriness at all, as in theory it would have all the same issues. Fonts are designed to be hinted, to make them look smooth. You are still limited to 4 different font sizes (8px, 16px, 24px, 32px) for everything, zooms/retinas are still going to look silly, and any non-px unit (em, rem, vw, vh, %) will cause them to be on a subpixel.

I think we should try importing a different monospace font into the wiki (browser-defaults don't tend to be nice) and trying that out for Template:Var.

Yemmel (talkcontribs)

It also causes some words to look bold.

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