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20% completed (estimate)


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{{Progress bar|value}}

This template draws a progress bar. By default, the value to supply as the parameter is the percent, from 0 to 100 (e.g. 1 would mean 1%, .1 would be 0.1%). The text label of the progress bar will always be rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent (rounding up if the hundreds digit is 5; e.g. 50.15 would round to 50.2%). If a value isn't specified or is invalid, the bar displays 0%. Values greater than 100% will display incorrectly, although the text label will be correct.

Optional parameters

  • height = height of the progress bar in pixels; defaults to 2
  • width = width of the progress bar; defaults to 75%
  • text = message to display after %; defaults to: completed (estimate)
  • total = amount to use as the denominator (instead of 100), allows the template to compute the percentage on the fly
  • header = no (or any value other than "yes", which is the default) suppresses the display of the percentage on the top line


Default configuration

{{Progress bar|80}} :

80% completed (estimate)


With custom header text

{{Progress bar|80|text=done}} :

80% done


Without header text

{{Progress bar|80|header=no|text=does not display here}} :


Custom height and width

{{Progress bar|80|height=4|width=75%}} :

80% completed (estimate)


Custom total

{{Progress bar|80|total=80}} :

100% completed (estimate)