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{{API doc function
{{API doc function
| name = term.blit
| name = term.blit

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Returns nil
API term
Source CC:Tweaked (source)

Writes text at the current cursor position in the current term, using foreground colors from textColour (a string containing colors as used in images loadable by paintutils functions) and background colors from backgroundColour (same as textColour). All characters represent a single hexadecimal digit which is then plugged into the equation c=2^(h-1) where h is the hexadecimal plugged in and c is a the equivalent color that would be plugged into term.setTextColor.

ExampleExamplePrint rainbow text
Prints "Hello world!" in 11-color text.
term.blit("Hello world!","01234456789a","f00000000000")
Output Hello world!